The Sno-Skinz Difference

Sno-Skinz Super VI Polyester Plus Snowmobile Cover

Fit & Finish Sno-Skinz has custom tailored each and every cover to fit specific makes and models of snowmobile. In most cases Sno-Skinz covers fit better than factory covers. Why is this important? Because one of the primary reasons that covers wear out is wind vibration while the machine is being towed on a trailer. Lose fitting covers flap like flags on a windy day and quickly damage themselves. The better a cover fits, the less wind vibration will effect the life of that cover. Many after-market covers are manufactured as “Universal fit” or “Generic S, M, & L”. This style of cover will never match the look and performance of a custom fit cover!

Durability Sno-Skinz is constantly looking for ways to improve their covers. As the technology in textiles improves so do our covers. After much R&D into many industrial fabrics over the past eight years, we have chosen Super VI Polyester Plus. Its resistance to abrasion, stretching, the elements of nature and tensile strength far outperform the cotton used by the factories and other cover manufacturers. Super VI Polyester is approximately five times more durable than cotton duck.

Stress Points There are specific points on a snowmobile that are sharp and abrasive such as suspension components, body panels, running board edges and handlebar hooks that typically cause rips and tears fairly early in a covers life. Sno-Skinz is the only cover that is reinforced in these areas with Dura-panels. These exclusive panels contribute greatly to the durability of Sno-Skinz covers.

Hardware All of Sno-Skinz covers utilize front-to-rear floating strap systems with side tension straps made of 1” HD polypropylene web which stays more flexible in cold weather and plastic-coated steel J-hooks. This is an important difference because of the added tension that this type of strap allows you to put on the fit of the cover. As stated above, the fit and tension of the cover greatly increases the life and durability. Covers that are primarily secured with expandable bungee cords can never achieve a proper fit because of the excess material around the bungee and lack of tension. Another stress point is located anywhere a seam starts and stops at a material's edge. Sno-Skinz binds the front and rear edges with HD 1” polypropylene webbing, which not only finishes off these edges but also reinforces these seams. All Sno-Skinz covers utilize coil type 8mm HD zippers at the gas access flap with YKK® cam self-locking pulls and pull cords.

Color Fast Another benefit of Super VI Polyester Plus is its color fastness and resistance to fading. The cotton used by most cover manufacturers, including the factories, has a UV rating of only 35-H. Typical nylon, although a durable material, only has a UV rating of about 40 to 55-H. Super VI Polyester Plus has a superior UV rating of 225-H! This doesn't mean that its fade proof, but it does mean that it will hold its color and look great for more than six times longer than other covers. You don't have to worry about washing or shrinkage either. It can be power washed or even tossed into a home washing machine using a mild detergent.

The Best, Guaranteed Sno-Skinz stands behind its covers like no one else in the industry. Have you ever read the instructions and warranty that come with a factory cover? They recommend not to get it wet or dirty or even to take it outside in the sunlight! What do you buy a cover for? Sno-Skinz builds its covers to last, so we 100% guarantee satisfaction on delivery and guarantee against structural failure in materials and workmanship for as long as you own your snowmobile.


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